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Written by: rockin35 on 2009-04-20

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rockin35's review: Callout Comment Okay, so I applied for this card with the hopes to Balance Transfer 2 of my other smaller cards and cancel the other 2 out. After reading the Credit Card Information about the APR's on the Finance Globe site and also on the Nordstrom's Website, I thought... Let me try this one.

I applied online 2 weeks ago, got the message 7-10 review response. I received the card in the mail, approved for the Nordstrom Visa with a $5000K credit limit. I thought that’s great!... Until I looked at the APR... Which is a whoppin' 18%. According to the website that places me in the last Tier, not to good considering the lowest APR is like 4% with Nordstrom.

Anyways, so far the online account manager is great. I set up my banking information online the same day I activated the card. No annual fee.

Rockin35s' Info: FICO 714 with Equifax as of 03/09, last credit hit was January 2009, no derogatory items, no bankruptcy, but debt to income is a little high, 11 hard inquiries from 2007 dropped off my report as of 04/03/09.

I hope this information helps someone that may be considering applying with Nordstrom.



Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-04-21

Remarks On your new account. Nordstrom customer service is legendary and I am sure you will be happy with the card.

Unfortunately Nordstrom does not really do balance transfers but they really do reward long term cardholders. My advice is to wait 6 months (with usage) and call them for a lower APR. With Nordstrom they really look at your usage more then the credit score. I would also advise to make Nordstrom purchases from time to time with it. Nordstrom Rack has some good deals and if you live in Miami or Phoenix they have the Last Chance stores which are a steal.

I have had my Platinum Visa for 6 years now and they have always been great.
Comment 2 by rockin35
So Informative..... User Icon on 2009-04-21

Remarks Thanks Colonative, your comments are so informative and thanks for the information. I apparently didn't do my homework about the Balance Transfer thing, otherwise I wouldnt have applied with them but now I'm glad I did based on the additional information that you've stated.

I am definitetly a "Rewards"kinda person, so hopefully this card will give me exactly what I'm looking for in that regard. Rockin35!
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