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Written by: lamonica on 2007-08-15

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lamonica's review: Callout Comment Target has been giving out pre-approvals at the register. You have to use a debit card. Check your receipt carefully. It says pre approved as long as you can prove your identity. You give it back to the cashier, she asks for your idea. You put in some info into the credit card machine (30 seconds) and they instantly give you a temporary card and limit.


Comment 1 by nessa
Yes Indeed! User Icon on 2007-08-16

Remarks That is true!!! My co-worker said it happen to her when she was at the register because she always use her check card Visa and was pre approved and she has bad credit!!!
Comment 2 by brammy
I Worked That Hard For Nothing? User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks You mean to tell me I worked that hard to pay on time for the Visa upgrade and they are giving them away like candy!!! Lol!!! Shoulda spent more time at Target instead of Wally World.
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks LMAO... Shut up Brammy, you got my kids thinking I am crazy laughing while I am at this computer laughing... Lol. I heard about the approvals by using your debit card, I went and put some money in the bank on purpose, spent $300 on school close and all I seen was, "Thanks for shopping at Target" I was like, what the... Man they still hate me, so I appled for the Visa and go tthe Red instead!
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