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Written by: interjack on 2009-03-22

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interjack's review: Callout Comment I have been trying to get an Amex since I was 18 and finally got one at 20. I am pretty happy to have joined the 700's club and to have an Amex in my wallet. I was tired of going to places like Costco and Neiman Marcus and only being able to use a check.

A lot of people have warned that they are throwing accts under financial review and or just closing accts. I hope that none of those things happen to me but if they do I will never be an Amex customer again.

Their customer service is good and the hold times are pretty short. Transactions take two to three days to be put in recent transactions, unlike BOA.

I had applied for a BOA amex, but was denied based on me having "sufficient debt" and a short credit history. I have a few student loans but my utilization is low and I have around 6K in unused credit.

I like having a charge card and paying the balance in full each month. It helps me stay out of trouble.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-03-22

Remarks I was also 20 when I got my Amex Gold card. It has since been closed but I have the Amex Blue and I have not had any problems with it.

Keep your overall debt low and don't go on mad application sprees and Amex should leave you alone.

Congratulations again!
Comment 2 by adamhamdy
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-03-30

Remarks Which AMEX card is easiest to get... What is the minimum score..? Thanks
Comment 3 by interjack
Scores User Icon on 2009-03-30

Remarks Mine were around 700, but according to creditkarma.com, the minimum score that was considered was 650. I would say that they Green should be among the easiest to get.
Comment 4 by qchau
Afraid To Get DECLINE Again User Icon on 2009-07-07

Remarks I dream to have this AMEX card in my pocket for many years but NO LUCK - my recently scores is: 719 (tu), 709 (ex) & 693 (ex) with 15 years credit history with $42,000/annually income - does anyone has any idea about this card and bank requirements (scores, utilizations, debts, credit history, etc)?- thanks
Comment 5 by charonh
Take It To The Forum User Icon on 2009-07-07

Remarks Qchau, if you haven't applied for the card, you should go to the forum and ask questions about it, because when a person reads a review they are under the impression that you have already applied for the card and giving feedback about your experience. If you have indeed applied for this card, please accept my apologies. I am just a bit confused.
Comment 6 by nogiblue
Re: We Will See How This Goes... User Icon on 2010-07-17

Remarks How long was your credit history before getting approval ? How many other revolving accounts and installment loans do u have ?
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