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Written by: nyc123 on 2009-03-21

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nyc123's review: Callout Comment I was approved for this card yesterday when I just wanted to give this bank a try. I was approved for 4k... Credit scores are mid 700's. Lets see how this card turns out to be. First AMEX but not really... Its issued from Bank of America not American Express.


Comment 1 by rockin35
Nice Card User Icon on 2009-03-21

Remarks This is a nice card. What are your APR's, do you have an annual fee or anything? Rockin35
Comment 2 by sethatco
Watch Out User Icon on 2009-03-22

Remarks Be very careful with skank of America. They are trying to get people to open new checking and savings accounts, approving credit cards. After about 3 months you will see a decrease in credit line or they may close the account out all together if they don't like the balance you keep on the card or other banks cards.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Bank Of America's American Express User Icon on 2009-03-22

Remarks Let's again set the record straight! Update... If your new Bank of America/American Express Credit Card's account number begins with a "3" you have the same as a real American Express Credit Card Account issued by American Express. Your card will access 2,200 American Express Offices worldwide and you will be able to take part in the benefits of American Express. You are better off with a BofA AX Credit Card as they have a whole larger world available to you. Several years ago American Express challenged the Visa and Mastercard issuing banks for keeping American Express out of the market. American Express won and now all the big boys (banks) are offering American Express Cards with AX benefits and most are better. I have had American Express Cards before issued by American Express and I would take BofA AX anytime. I have an HSBC AX Card. Love it and didn't know others were issuing until I came to this site.
Comment 4 by colonative
BofA User Icon on 2009-03-22

Remarks Congratulations on your new Amex. I am wondering why you were given a $4K credit line with mid-700 scores though.

As far as what Sethaco said; really you have to be careful with any bank at this point; not just Amex not just BofA. As long as you keep your credit usage to a minimum you should be fine. I have had a BofA card for 8 years and despite their questionable customer service, they have never done anything strange to my account.
Comment 5 by interjack
Denied User Icon on 2009-03-24

Remarks Its really odd. I applied for this card and got denied because I had "sufficient debt" and not enough credit history. I have had my BOA BankAmericard for over a year now with low utilization and a perfect credit history. I decided to apply for the Amex Greed Preferred Rewards and was approved. What gives? I would rather had had the BOA Amex vs. The Amex Green.
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