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Written by: snier on 2009-03-14

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snier's review: Callout Comment I actually applied for this card back in November and was approved for a limit of $300. A limit of $300 wasn't even close to the limit I was hoping for so I closed the account. I recently applied again and was approved this time for a limit of 1,200. This is currently the highest limit I have on a card. So safe to say this help add a lot of cushion to my total ratio. :)


Comment 1 by patrick12
Congratulations!!!!!! User Icon on 2009-03-14

Remarks On your approval! HSBC store cards are great! And from what I am hearing they increase credit limits a lot quicker than the MasterCard! If you don't mind me asking, what were your scores at the time of approval?
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2009-03-14

Remarks Nice limit!
Comment 3 by snier
Scores User Icon on 2009-03-15

Remarks Equifax was 660

Experian was 718

Not really sure why there is such a big gap between them
Comment 4 by wanderer
Best Buy User Icon on 2009-03-22

Remarks Nice credit limit and great scores. Keep up the good work.
Comment 5 by emosmurf
CLI User Icon on 2009-05-10

Remarks I applied for this card in the store and was approved for $410 CL w/t $59 AF. I got the card last week and paid off the AF immediately. Then I called customer service and told them I had second thoughts about the card because of the high AF and not so significant CL. They offered to lower my AF to $29 and refund me the difference of what I had paid. I told them I'd rather have a larger CL. They immediately raised it $610. I plan to call back in 6 months and use the AF as a way to haggle my way to yet another CLI. :-)

I do plan on getting the AF lowered (or eliminated) eventually, but for now it's a way of getting them to negotiate with me and get my CLI's. :-)
Comment 6 by emosmurf
BestBuy RewardsZone Mastercard User Icon on 2009-05-10

Remarks My above experience was with the BestBuy RewardsZone Mastercard, by the way. I just wanted to show that getting a CLI with them isn't impossible.
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