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Written by: s786h on 2009-03-10

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s786h's review: Callout Comment I received a preapproval for this card. I applied and received a 9klimit. I was suprised. In bad economy. I guess its because of my good credit. Anyways its a good card with 3%cashback on selective categories. I hope it turns out to be good.


Comment 1 by eldarwen
This Is A Really Good Card! User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks You will really like this card a lot. A 9k limit is a really good limit in this kind of climate. Treat Chase good and they will treat you good. What does your APR look like?
Comment 2 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks On your new card. Chase is a good company. Would you mind posting what bureau they pulled and about what your credit score was? This just helps others who might be considering this card.

Also, is this a Platinum or a Signature account?
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2009-03-11

Remarks Congrats on your approval and nice limit. This was one of my dream cards. Like Colo mentioned, it will be helpful if you can provide some additional background to your credit. Thanks!
Comment 4 by s786h
Ya User Icon on 2009-03-11

Remarks Credit scores FICO is 755.

they pulled experian and transunion.

and the apr is 0% for 12 months and then 13.99%

this is a Visa signature card
Comment 5 by wanderer
Chase Freedom Card User Icon on 2009-03-13

Remarks Great card and limit!!! My Washington Mutual Platinum Visa jsut surfaced from the Chase merger and now I have Chase Freedom "Flexible" Rewards Card. Frankly, I ma impressed! My new Chase Business Platinum Visa Freedom Rewards Card gives me 3 points for every dollar spent on my top categories of usage. Totally awesome. Much better than when it was was Washington Mutual. Also, now I have a brand name. Interest rate is 10.24% APR. Not bad.
Comment 6 by ashes
Great Card User Icon on 2009-03-13

Remarks This is a great card with a great rewards program. I have been with Chase for 5 years. Had an Amazon.com Visa Card from Chase which I converted to the Chase Freedom card a year ago. Chase is a card vendor to deal with.
Comment 7 by interjack
@Wanderer User Icon on 2009-03-24

Remarks Did Chase automatically covert your card or did you have to request that it be converted?
Comment 8 by dhaz
Congrats User Icon on 2009-05-16

Remarks I have been with Chase for several years. DW and I have 4 different Chase cards (Starbuck, Coldwater creek, Freedom, and Perfectcard). I have not had a problem with Chase or with any of the cards. Rewards seem to be pretty good. Congrats
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