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Written by: dee on 2007-08-14

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dee's review: Callout Comment I am new to this website. And I have been reading reviews in which I decided to apply. Guess what I was approved instantly. Thank you so much for your knowledge.


Comment 1 by meya
RE: DEE User Icon on 2007-08-14

Remarks Congradualtions!!! You are so welcome. Dee, how about signing up with us and becomming a member, you will get a whole lot of information about other credit cards. There are members here who will love to recommend other cards that are benificial to those who are new/rebuilding their credit. Thank God you did not select "Tribute", stay with this card as it helps you rebuild your credit. I have this card for four years myself and I have not encountered any bad experiences with them as of yet. If you decide to join, please use Dee as your username so that we are familiar with who you are. Again, congradulations on your Orchard Bank Mastercard.
Comment 2 by dee
Re: Meya User Icon on 2007-08-15

Remarks I would love to join the community! thankyou orchard. Target goes on the list with Continental finance.
Comment 3 by steph
Re: Dee User Icon on 2007-08-16

Remarks Welcome Dee,
Orchard was my first card too, I wrote a good review about them, because they helped me to get my credit re established. I never went over the limit, I only used half of the initial 300 limit they gave me in case there were any surprise fees. I paid my balance in full on time every month, and I never had a problem with them. They gave me 2 increases and although I don't really use the card anymore because I have since applied and have been approved for better rate cards, this is the card that started it for me. Good luck with everything!!
Comment 4 by dee
RE: Steph User Icon on 2007-08-17

Remarks Thankyou, and this site is such a asset to people trying to maintain today in this credit society.
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