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Written by: kiejon10k on 2009-02-27

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kiejon10k's review: Callout Comment I applied for card last night and was approved for $10,000 and received the card in mail this morning through ups overnight. After submitted my application, got a call from customer service asked my couple income questions and I told the rep that I have good income and I'm an au for this card on wife account. Rep didn't speak good English but we were able to understand.

Rep told me that I was one of their select few platinum customers. I don't why she said that???


Comment 1 by patrick12
Congratulations!!!! User Icon on 2009-02-27

Remarks On your approval! I have had this card for almost a year and no problems! That is a flattering credit limit you have! I am speechless actually. What were your scores at the time of approval if you don't mind me asking?
Comment 2 by hjm331
Congrats? User Icon on 2009-02-27

Remarks Didn't they discontinue this card?
Comment 3 by meya
Wooooe! User Icon on 2009-02-27

Remarks That's a shocker! I never knew they had "Platinum' let alone a 10k offer. I thought they discontinued it too bro. You would have thought it would have been sent FedEx with a limit like this. Kiejon10k, did they charge you any up-front fees or is this totally different. I think they is crazy to send a card through UPS and then call you later on to ask you about your income. This should have been done first. I think you better keep your eyes open on this card kiejon10k, we don't want to see anything go wrong with your overall experience with them. Good Luck and Congrats!
Comment 4 by brian23
Awesome.... User Icon on 2009-02-27

Remarks I cant believe my eyes. You have a Tribute card with a 10K limit? Yes, please share your scores...
Comment 5 by rockin35
Is This A Tier1 Card? User Icon on 2009-02-28

Remarks I'm not familiar with this type of credit card and issuer. Is this a Tier1 card. Thats a mighty high credit limit. Thats great.

Comment 6 by colonative
$10K Or $100 User Icon on 2009-02-28

Remarks I have never seen 1st Bank of Delaware issue a credit line above $2,000. Be sure you heard correctly.
Comment 7 by meya
Agree User Icon on 2009-02-28

Remarks I am with you Colo, I think there was a misprint on the zeros. I would try it out some where were no one can see me get declined for my purchase. I have not heard this story any where but here. That makes you wonder, hummmm, who are these sub-primed banks ran by.
Comment 8 by mousepad
You Are At It Again More Stories User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks I wish your story was true but its a lie
Comment 9 by rockin35
Visited Their Website.... User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Hi Their,

I visited their website and it shows the benefits of this card and mentioned a $300 credit limit, and all these monthly fees. It also list that this card is for "Poor Credit" and rebuilding. I don't think this is a good card. But to get a 10K limit from this company is huge. But if I were you, in a years time, I would try for BOA or AMEX.

Comment 10 by meya
Re:Rockin User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks I would not say in years, I would say, "Right Away!" Where is Kiejon10k, we need to talk to him/her asap!
Comment 11 by rockin35
Credit Cards ASAP??? User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks Another thing, I see you posted that you applied for the card the previous night then got the card the next day shipped overnight. I don't know what credit card company can produce or make their own credit card and ship it out in the same day. Thats amazing.

I think you should call customer service and check what your true credit limit is and verify your card number and the access code on the back of that card to make sure its legitimate. Make sure that your limit is 10,000 and not 100 or 1,000.

Contrats!!! Rockin35!
Comment 12 by yoyo11
Hmmmm User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks I don't know what to say on this one... Their limits due vary
Comment 13 by meya
Confuses Me Too! User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks I thought their starting limit was $300 and when they got through with all the fees being added, it was only like $140 of available credit. But kiejon10k did say that it was not this particular card, it is suppose to be a special platinum. I will crack up laughing if that card is ran by BOFA, hjm331 is going to be heated... Lol!
Comment 14 by ross154
Doubt The Limit Is That High User Icon on 2009-03-17

Remarks As an employee of said CCC, I'm pretty sure the limit is not 10,000. I'm not intimately involved with the credit side of the business but I've never heard of any platinum card. Right now we're closing inactive accounts and only marketing new cards on a "pilot" level. Probably selected the wrong card entering the review.
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