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Written by: ken38104 on 2009-02-22

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ken38104's review: Callout Comment I have had a TRIBUTE Master Card for over (2) years. In the beginning the only problem was when I initiated calls to "customer service" - Their call center is located in India!

99% of the time they have no idea how to begin to answer ANY question you have. They attempt to fool card-holders using American names- Once I was connected and the guy stated his name was BUBBA.

For service when you dial the number on your card DO NOT enter any information at the automated prompts- Just hold the line for a few minutes and again do NOTHING- you will be connected with a live person.

When they start asking for your card information ***CUT THEM OFF ADD SIMPLY SAY- CONNECT ME TO THE U. S. A.*** Then you will get a representative in our country.

I had a MAJOR issue that occurred in 09/2008- Hertz Rental Car, Inc. Slammed my TRIBUTE card with a $2,500 Fraudulent charge.

My vehicle was totaled in an accident and I had $50.00 per day rental coverage that my insurance company paid for the entire time I had the rental.

(6) days.

TRIBUTE and myself went rounds for months about the charge that should have not been placed on my account.

They closed the account and I continued to make payments on THE AMOUNT I ACTUALLY OWED.

One day out of the blue their collection department called on 02/15/2009 and I was not happy with them and picked up the phone -saying "Yes, How May I assist you.

The rep. Stated he was calling about my account- I cut him off - telling him "I am not paying a penny more that I owe, You can keep the account in collections and I am not even filling out your dispute from and don't dial my number again. (as I paused to get my breath) He said he was calling to advise me the account had been re-opened, The Hertz charges were removed and my credit limit has been increased.

I accepted the offer of reopening the account, however I am now going to "Close The Account At The Consumers Request".

I would never do business with TRIBUTE EVER!

I have several numbers retained from my caller ID if anyone would like them E-mail me. They go to TRIBUTES collection department and the other to their account executive offices.

YOU can get results speaking with them instead of the people in India-Believe me!



Comment 1 by cireone
Tribute #s User Icon on 2009-02-22

Remarks About the numbers, d they work when you call it back from what is seen in the caller id?????

Some sub-prime card issuers have a number shown on caller id but when you dial it back it either is not a working number or simply has a buy tone.
Comment 2 by brian23
I Too... User Icon on 2009-02-22

Remarks Had similar bad experiences with CompuCredit Corp and all of their cards. Best thing I ever did was complain to the FTC and BBB and I got exactly what I wanted plus more. Just this past November, I received a call from the FDIC saying they were doing an investigation on the company and wanted a taped recording of my side of the story (from 3 years ago). As far as I can tell, the company is still operating and doing business, but as the days go by, they seem to be getting more and more ridiculous. That's just how I feel. Sorry for your situation, but glad it all worked out in your favor in the end.
Comment 3 by jopa127
Tribute Is A Scam User Icon on 2009-02-26

Remarks I have had a tribute card for about 6 months to help build my credit. Everything seemed to go fine and I enrolled in autopay to make sure they never had a missed payment. Last month I excedded my credit limit by $2.00 and they canceled the card. I though $2.00 dollars was a little ridiculous to cancel card for but they said it was their policy. At the same time I had been injured at work and had no money to pay off the balance. I when online and removed my info from the autopay service so they wouldn't take funds from an empty account. I my surprise (not really) they went back into my bank account and took $85.00. I had no money in the account and it overdrew my checking costing me an additional $25.00. When I called to ask why they had that info when I removed it they said I never removed it. If I log on to their site and look at the autopay option it asks me to enter bank account info because they have none. They commited fraud and went ahead and took money from an account they no authorization to take money from. I have filed a fraud claim with my credit union and will post back here what happens. Bottom line... Stay away from these idiots. They will only cause you more problems than it is worth.
Comment 4 by fairisfair
Tribute's Random Closures User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks Tribute is really trying to make money wherever they can. They sent me a new card, I verified it, used it once, and made a payment. I called in to check my balance, and received the message that I had no credit available. Spoke with a CSR; was told account was irreversably revoked. I'm adding documentation to the credit reporting bureaus. If Tribute or its parents are in line for any stimulus money, I will be posting widely against such a move by the government.
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