Social Media - The End of Civility?

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I'm on Facebook, but I really only use it for news. Thanks to the algorithms, they know this and now politics is pretty much the only thing that comes up on my news feed. That being said, it doesn't matter if I'm reading comments on a news article between strangers or watching old friends disagree over a topic, people are nasty. More and more they are taking to hiding behind their computer screens to say awful things to one another that they would never say face to face. It's all a big turnoff.
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Replied by patse on topic Social Media - The End of Civility?

I think you hit the nail right smack dead on the head! The only reason that I'm a member of any social media website is because I'm a mom. I want to be able to check up on my kids. I hate all the drama associated with all social media.
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This is a really great topic! I avoid social media for the very reasons you wrote about, JG224. I am on Facebook rarely, and I do not have any other kind of social media accounts. I just can't be bothered with all the crap out there. People are not nice, and I find many of them fake anyway. Your post just made me even more secure in my decision to not get more "logged in".
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I have to agree with you, unfortunately. I think social media has given many people the outlet they need to express their frustrations, and it doesn't always come out in a nice or civil way. It is actually disheartening to read people's exchanges on Facebook or Twitter. People can be so incredibly mean or cruel.
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Social Media - The End of Civility? was created by JG224

I have enjoyed social media for years. I joined Facebook back in the second year of its existence. I am on Google +, Twitter and Instagram. I have even been on a few social media platforms that never really took off or are now kind of dead (think: Myspace). I have noticed a large shift over the last few years to a much more aggressive and even violent way of interacting on social media. People say the most horrible things to one another. It is like the absence of a live human being standing in front of you has allowed people to "say" what they previously only "thought" and forget about niceties or being polite.

Do you think social media has made people less "social" in that it has seemed to promote a much less civil way of interacting with others? Do you think I am thinking too much, or I am too sensitive? How do you view social interactions via social media today?
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