Governments should be more responsible

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:relieved: Ok, thanks for the clarification. :fun:
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I think like 5 of them are closed and half of them are store cards. Meya, don't worry, it's okay! :cool:
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16 cards! :shocked:
You owe and explaination. Where did all of these cards come from?
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I think I'm a good example of how every teenager should be when it comes to handling credit. I currently have 16 credit cards and an auto loan and I'm only 19. Imagine where I will be in 5 years from now. :cool:
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The student loan is given because education is every person's right and financial education is something which an adult learns practically.No amount of theoretical knowledge can help a person to learn about the intricacies of financial difficultieds.
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Be prepared! I think young students should be coached not only about life with an education, but the bill that follows it. I can understand why most young adults default in student loans, but as an adult, we have to learn discipline. We can not blame the government for our debit that we choose to ask them to assist us with, and we promised to pay them back. School loans are debts that will be asked to be repaid 6 months after you graduate or stop on your own.

When we enter a university, there should be financial counslers or a class that holds a seminar on debt ONLY before signing a promissary note. The only thing that was offered to me was a test from NSLDS which I had to pass before being offered a loan which I believe everyone passes. But no one told me about free money that is out there and where to find it. A friend showed me how to get it. Before I enrolled, it took me at least 2 years to decide if this is the debt I want to get back into, the only thing that keep me from rejecting was that I made a decision to clean up my past debt, and what kept me motivated is this site. Oh yes, this site has a lot to do with my integrity and honesty with debt. The best thing we can do Aum, is pay and pray that we make it through the final payment. But the main thing is to not have any other debt besides common debt when we are in the repayment stages. I have one year left to have fun with my cc's, after that every card I have must be on lock-down until I feel comfort with my student loan.

This is my opinion for a solution.
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was created by Aum

By offering student loans the governments around the world are essentially telling young people that it's ok to live beyond your means right from the start. That DEBT IS ok. And then we find years later the same governments telling us that credit card bills are soaring and that the nation's consumers need to be more aware of the financial struggles they are getting themselves into. There is no porvision for financial education given to students embarking on that journey to University or college - they are left to fend for themselves at the mercy of the bank offering the most attractive student package. What's the solution here?
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