investment in fractional property?

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From what I can tell, this is still going on and it sounds a lot like a time share deal. Time shares turned out to be a bad deal for most of the people who bought into them, so I'm sure this turns out the same way.
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This could be very risky... Sounds like "limited partnerships" where you get to pay but the "general partner" keeps the spoils. For most people on this site these approaches are for big money and gamblers. It is way too easy to get scammed. :shocked: Be extremely careful. You pay in and whew... money and people are gone. NOT for the amatuer! :shopping: Remeber what P.T. Barnum used to say... "...there is a sucker born every minute...".
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very interesting! But it sounds risky. isn't it?
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My brother has come across a business that facilitates fractional property investing.
Basically you select a property you want to invest in and they find other people that want to invest in the same thing and buy it outright?

Capital gains is obviously lower as you are not leveraged, but it would provide immediate rental incomes as there is no mortgage.

Has anyone been involved in this sort of stuff before?
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