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Replied by eric on topic hey everybody this is Eric....im

hey everybody this is Eric....im 28 years old, married and finally own my home. I live in ohio so the cost of living is much lower than Cali or FL. My advise is of your going to buy a home...DO IT NOW! The reason I say this is because the house we bought is a historic 100 year old 2 story colonial brick house that was flipped. The guys that flipped this house about a year and a half ago wanted $150k. We got the house for $84k and he paid closing cost! We got a heck of a deal for this house. And we qualified for a 1st time home owners program that paid our downpayment! Interest is low...3.5% the 1st year, 2nd year 4.5% and the 3rd year 5.5% and it tops out in the third year---30 year FIXED. No ARM, No balloon payments! Interest is very low right now...if your young and you think you can afford a house payment I advise to do it. :cheesing: Its well worth it in the long run when the market picks back up.
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Replied by hjm331 on topic That is a good question.

That is a good question. It really depends on how good their credit is and if they're in the process of rebuilding it or not.
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In the old days, it’s so easy to get a house because they don’t cost that much. The economy is also much simpler. Now, everything has change. I wonder what chance could a couple have of getting a house for them. Is it true that is better for young couples to stay with their parents?

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