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Replied by Finance Globe on topic Re: Forum / FN Suggestions

Just a small and useful update... When PM's are replied to, a sent icon will now be shown next to the original message. Unfortunately, older replied to messages will not show this icon.
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Replied by Finance Globe on topic Re: Forum / FN Suggestions

Thank you both for your wonderful inputs!

I did disable the quick reply box, and will leave it disabled unless I get more feedback on it's clarity of its use from new members.

Meya, how do you have your forum display settings set? Under the menu above, go to "Settings" > "Forum Settings" > "Edit Options". Then scroll down to "Thread Display Mode". I recommend using "Linear - Oldest First".

Secondly, I use the ieSpell addon, and would recommend using the link. CNET checks for spy ware or dangerous software if it's hosted on their site. I have only heard good things about this addon.

The custom home page will allow members to add whatever they want, including the application status program, a list of cards with info, news, stock quotes, etc. I am hoping to use the Google Widgets program, so thousands of other programs can be added. This could be really cool.

Thanks for helping!
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Replied by Meya on topic Re: Forum / FN Suggestions

Hello, here is my two cents. I think the quick reply is confusing because post reply does the same thing. We get instant postings regardless to when we post, but what I do find confusing is when a posting goes out of order when they reply.

I have seen new postings in a thread which it is not at the bottom where it normally has been. When someone quotes to another person post (let's pretend I posted to a Aug 2007 posting) the post will fall under that person who was responded to. I find myself diging through pages looking for that new post since I DO NOT let any go unnoticed. If there is something that I am doing wrong in this situation please let me know.

I think it is pretty cool since that person is getting a direct repsonse from a member, but would this be a duplicate to the new "Someone responded to your post" email message? I mean, unless you are going to give a "Click here to see the new post" linked in the message, I think the original quote (with member name that they are responding to) inside the new topic would be just fine because when someone replies to a previous posting because the italic fonts shows us the name and message to whom they were replying to.

Adding 150 avatars is pretty cool and helps decrease unwanted or not allowed avatars within the Network. Not only that, it helps decrease the frustration of someone finding an avatar that will fit the required size (80 x 80 19.).

So let me get this straight, you are going to add who applied for what on the login page (once they log in)? If so you are correct about not adding it to the forum because it will look sort of too crowded. But how about adding it to the profile when they click on a member name.
This helps us get back to the reviews much faster! Are you going to put a new 3D look to that as well? Take your time, trust me, we are not in a hurry with the changes that you add (well at least I am not).:white-flag:

Oh wait, I wanted to download the spellcheck, is it pretty save? Another thing is that I was sort of confused on which one to download for Windows xp, or do we download all of them?
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Replied by RivasGlo on topic Re: Forum / FN Suggestions

The new plans sound great! I cant wait till we all get to use them!

1. Yes. It has alot of features and I cant think of anything that is missing but when I do I will make sure to tell u!

2. It was a little confusing at first but I got adjusted to the new one quick... With a little time if not already, everyone will have the handle of things.

3. I use the quick reply box and yes I was confused at first because I kept clicking on the box and it wouldnt let me type. Then I finally read to click the quick reply icon and since im kinda slow... It did take me a while to find it. Maybe if you could make it to where you click on the box and it deletes "Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply" and that alone activates it...

4. I dont.
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was created by Finance Globe

Hi everyone! I'm very close to being finished with the new forum... I do plan on adding the number of reviews and public credit application statuses each member has made to their FN profile (not the forum profile), as long as there are no valid protests.

Here are a few other plans I have]

1. Add the new navigation menu to the credit card reviews & credit card application status sections.

2. Add around 150 avatars for the forum. Users will still be able to use their own custom avatar, or just select one from a list.

3. In the future, as this will take more time: Allow members to select what they want on the logged in section (Section that says "Logged in as Username", and shows reviews and credit status info). Also, the home page of finance globe ( will be a member start page. This will be totally customizable with feed options such as stocks, news, latest reviews, 10 latest forum posts, selected credit card info, etc. This will be a big (and very exciting) project, so don't expect it too soon! :laugh:

My questions]

1. Does this new forum have the features you need?

2. Is the FN easier to navigate with the new menu?

3. Does anyone use the quick reply box? Is it confusing, or do you know to click on the reply button instead? I am asking this, because I would consider removing it, if this is a distraction or obstacle.

4. Does anyone continue to have login problems?


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