What Do You Begin With?

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From what I have read, I agree with Wanderer, it should take roughly 6 months of credit for you to get a score generated.
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I know some people who started with a co-signer and moved on to having their own credit after a while. Personally, I started with store cards and worked my way up to major credit cards.
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You start with no information which means the CBs are not able to generate a score. In reading I have seen a minimum of six months credit for a score to generate. Something of interest ... how can you obtain a score with no credit products and how do you obtain credit products with no score? Seems people start with the simpler cards with lower approval requirements and store cards. After a few months the doors open for the more regular cards. It should be noted that there are people who have posted and flown in the face of the standard answer. Truth it can be very specific to the credit seeker. If you aren't concerned about hard inquiries you can always take the hit.
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What Do You Begin With? was created by Moneyes

Does anyone know what your credit score is when you reach the age that they start keeping track? Do you start at zero and work your way up? Start at the top and have to maintain that perfect score? Or somewhere in the middle?
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