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It is very unlikely your credit score will jump back up to the original score as there are so many moving parts in calculating a credit score. Removing a negative item on your credit score will improve it, but its impossible to say whether it will be better or worse than before the negative event. Its possible you improved upon your score before the negative event, and you could have a higher score.
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I've never heard that before, Curry. I do know that your credit improves a bit every time a negative remark falls off your report, but I don't know by how much.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a negative item falls off your report because it got so old, like an 8 year old apartment lease debt, it will bring your score up the same amount that it was dropped 8 years ago when it first showed up.

I heard this on a financial talk show many years ago.
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Thank you for reaching out, and I would be glad to help. The article you posted is a good high-level overview of how your credit score gets calculated. Each company can calculate it a little different, but the article highlights the most important attributes.

A few additional links that provide some additional insights:

I would also be happy to help you answer any questions you have specifically about your credit score.
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Calculating credit score was created by BFjohnson

Hello everyone, can someone help me with details about calculating the credit score. I recently ready an article by The Financial Forum on how credit score are calculated, Is this the best way to calculate credit score?
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