Building "Relationships" With The Big Banks

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Let's set the record straight here. Relationships with the big banks does NOT exist anymore. Whether you have multiple banking accounts (checking/savings) with one or more of the big banks (Chase, BoA, Citi, or Wells Fargo) does NOT matter and it will not stop them reducing your credit card limit, decline you for a new auto loan or mortgage. I can't tell you how many people I've seen fall for that trick. Employees are trained to introduce the "building a relationship" concept during a transaction or Point-Of-Sale (POS). They use that trick to open up new accounts and profit from them.

The way these big banks work is they've grown big by merging with others. Even though all these big banks offer credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, consolidation loans, etc., they're all divided into divisions and these division are operated individually and independently. Therefore, their decisions derive from what's in the best interest for their division, NOT for the company.

In addition, they do not care about their customers because for every customer they lose, they probably gain about 5 new ones everyday (if not more).

If you're looking to build a relationship with your creditor, go to a local bank or credit union where they offer their own credit cards and other loan products. They need as many customers/members they can get and that's why they will do anything to keep your business.
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