2017 Credit Card Deals

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I remember reading somewhere that it is predicted for 2017 that credit card companies won't be approving as many credit card this year because of how high consumer credit card debt has gotten. I don't know how true this actually is because it seems to me that they love giving money out to people who really can't afford it.
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I haven't heard anything yet, but wait a few weeks. When Trump gets inaugurated then the financial institutions will have a better view of the new economy and go from there.
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The hot card for the fall of 2016 was the Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa Infinite (for travelers). Nothing else has been leaked so far. Oh ... for those who qualify for the USAA Federal Savings Bank membership (military) there is the new USAA Limitless Cash Rewards Visa with 2.5% for rewards, no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, chip and pin with no bonus sign up. Have to be a member, a $1,000 per month direct deposit and for the moment live in one of the approved states. Good card but membership is restricted.
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2017 Credit Card Deals was created by FrankN

Has anyone heard of any good credit card offerings for 2017?
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