Even College Kids can't escape credit card debt

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:relieved: :relieved: An article that is pointing the fingers in my direction!

The higher the grade level, the greater the card debt, according to Sallie Mae. In 2008, college seniors with at least one credit card graduated with an average of $4,138 in card debt, up 44% from 2004. By comparison, freshmen's average credit card debt jumped 27% to $2,038.

I will graduate with a higher debt than that, this is the main reason why I am trying to lower my debt and stop all the charging. Smcc, I was talking to Charon about this a while ago how I am struggling to finish my undergraduate degree with debt, and will be in more debt when I finish because here comes the student loans. What makes it more frightening is how the economy went bad right before we graduate. Sometimes I ask myself if I had made the right decision to change careers, or if I should have entered college to make that change.

The income that I have now pays the bills and leave me with a little change to screw around with, but what happens when I finish? I am going to still have to work in the current beauty field until I find a good job that matches my degree, but I will have to use my current income to pay for the loans until that happens, how long will that take? Will this impact our current household income? Yes! Did I make a mistake by applying for so many cc's and incurring too much debt? Yes! Why did I wait so long to get ready to pay down and close cc's because of student loans being in repayment status? Stupidity and over joyed from having a chance to restart a new credit profile is the main reason.

A college education and cc's do not mix, you can only have one. Of course you can have both but your education is more dominant over the credit card(s), and need more attention, because defaulting on a student loan will haunt you for the rest of your life, when cc's will soon vanish in 7+ years. This article is so important is a valuable tool for all of us college individuals, it does not just point the finger at KIDS, that goes for adults also. So don't think by a long shot that when smcc said "Even College Kids can't escape credit card debt" It is even worse for adults because creditors tend to loan adults more money than college kids! :confused:
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Interesting article:


Now for those of us Graduates who went to college without a credit card, and are living our lives now, I can't imagine carrying credit card debt of $3k+ while I'm still in school.

Can you imagine your debt level once you acquire your Master's or PHD ? Then to top it all off you can't find work once your done !?
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