investment in commodities?

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Sounds very interesting Wanderer! :cheesing: It looks kinda complicated, but I haven't given up on understanding the basics of investing. thanks for the input. ;)
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Investing is a difficult game... :dollar: you need to understand the lay of the land. Your best bet is to contact a couple of professional brokerage houses and get an understanding of the subject "investing". From there what kind of money is involved, what are the qualifiers (there are some) and how do I do it. You will find "options" are controlled and this is no fools game. Today I have been investing in different markets and have done well. Used to go directly to the companies and purchase from them. GADS what a lot of work and the IRS requirements so I slowly eased out and moved to one brokerage and then just finished transferring to a second one (first one had too many fees). They do the transfer (at the brokerage) and provide the needed IRS reporting documentation at year's end. By standards I am a novice but since I fired the stock broker and got out of fee producing mutual funds I actually make money. You need to learn and pay attention if you pursue "options" and other more risky adventures. Also, brokerages will NOT just let you jump in due to risk. Check it out. Investing is very interesting and fun. :moneybag:
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Me too! I'm trying to understand ETF and mutual funds. They're benefits and how to make intelligent decisions about them.
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I am very new to investing and want to know that where and how can i invest. I would like to find some ETFs or mutual funds that invest in commodities, especially gold and oil.
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