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Do you mind posting the article, I would be very interested in reading about that.
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Actually, I was reading an article about the powers that be wanting to change the way that we look at credit and do away with the FICO score because it tends to leave many people out of the credit equation. Don't know if this is true, however, I would certainly look into it before I invested.
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FICO was created by Moneyes

Don't worry, this is in the right section.

I just thought I would drop a note to you guys and gals that FICO is traded on the NYSE. Fair, Isaac and COmpany (FICO) is the business that developed the algorythm (sp?) that determines the credit score you get from companies like Experian and Transunion.

Take a look at their trading history dating back to 1987. A good long term investment if I ever saw one.
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