Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Happy Mothers day!!!!!!! And to all you ladies who are not mom's i hope you guys have a good day also.
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Nice helpful Tips Mary Tompkins! Before I go any further, I want to tell all Mom's to have an Early, "Happy Mother's Day!"
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I took things a little cheap this Mother's Day myself because of the usual "Bills!" Well, I had went through my house to see what my mom keeps bugging me about, and I was able to give her two perfumes sets that my sister gave me for my b-day and I never used it because we have different taste in cologne. She keeps on bugging me to play these oldies that she likes when she comes here, so I purchased 15 songs for her on Itunes, burned them to a CD, and wrapped them. I went to Walgreen's and purchased her a little cheap CD player. I feel sorry for the neighbors because that little cheap thing is going to sound like someone is scratching a chalk board, and I know exactly what songs she is going to play over and over and over. Who knows [URL="http ://"]"Hurt So Good' by Millie Jackson? [/URL]

I know if everyone remember back in the days but, her new little cracker box stereo sounds just like those first stereos that came out by RCA and I think fingerhut sold them. The speakers was tall and our moms used to think the was they bomb (with those speakers producing nothing but treble, I don't even think bass was out then), and everyone parent from my neighborhood had the big suede pics of the African woman in the big afro, and the earth-toned beads hanging from the ceiling that separated the kitchen from the living-room. Those who remember this know exactly where I am coming from. I know this may sound crazy but I gift wrapped her a carton of cigarettes, cause I am so sick of the words, "Give me one of your cig's I left mines at home by mistake" or "Let me have one of your's because I don't feel like walking all the way back in my room, I'll give it right back to you as soon as I walk back there." RIGHT MOM! : upset:
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