Question about Healthcare Financing

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HC Credit is the way to go.
Someone else asked about this a while ago, but this is a good option. Call them and see what they can do for you. I have an account with them and when I was approved, I had a few baddies. Keep us posted!

PS, I se that on your prior posts, you filed bk. Now, I am not for sure how they treat applicants with bk, but there is nothing wrong with asking.
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I would go with Capital One for any loan over GEMB any day.
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Hi Everybody,

My dentist has come up with a treatment plan that is going to cost me well into the several thousands of dollars - veneers, tooth implants and possibly ortho. Wow, from description, sounds like my grill is really messed up - it's not to the naked eye. Insurance company will cover about 1400 of total cost - pushing me very close to the years limit (starting work in 1/09 to get full benefit).

I went onto (my dentist uses them), they are GE Moneybank and I have been turned down by them for credit cards within the past two months. Capital One also has a healthcare finance program and I was recently approved for a Cap One card - (3 months ago - paid in full each month). Does anyone have any experience with either of these options for medical care? I'm trying to figure out the best way to start planning for this work and I'm going to have to use credit it seems.

Any information would be helpful..

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