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Replied by Scribes on topic I sure HOPE they are

I sure HOPE they are investigating that! That sounds like another major credit card breach to me. Surely we'll hear about it in the news after it's much too late, like usual. :scared:
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Replied by Meya on topic Your bank is investigating that,

Your bank is investigating that, right?
:shocked: :confused:
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was created by Ash

I couldn't believe it...
This morning when I log in...Backtrack,
I am one of those folks who log into their accounts and check
everything everyday. Thats just how I do...
So I log in and see a pending charge. This is a card I don't
normally use. I call them up and ask what the pending charge
is about. They told me it relates to Napster. I said No, I don't use
Napster. I'm so busy I would even have the time and patience
to deal with them. So they give me the customer service number
and I give them a call. After asking me some questions, The rep
apologizes and tells me that my card is one of the ones that has
been linked to an online user who has used tons of other credit
cards which is fraudulent. Thats just great, another card I have
to cancel in six months because of the same issue. I don't
know how these people do it? I had them cancel the card etc.
I'm so careful about shredding and taking precautions and I'm
being targeted for some reason? Totally insane and fustrating :upset:
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