Did you know you should contact the FTC too?

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I wish I had those references when my former best friend stole my identity from me...They still can't find her to arrest her. Once she's arrested I can then sue her for my money.
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Prevention is the best way to protect yourself:

This article also has a to-do list if you are a victim.
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was created by scribbler

Anyone unlucky enough to be a victim of identity theft can contact the Federal Trade Commission online and complete an ID Theft Report Form, as well as reporting it to their local police.

What they do is add the information to their database to try help all government agencies involved in catching the criminals by pooling the information they have.

If you want to increase the odds in your favor of catching them plus help prevent it happening to someone else, it seems a good thing to do. The more victims that go the extra mile and do this, the harder it makes it for these people to operate.

There's additional information here -

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