Imposter selling on my ebay account

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Luckily, I've never had anything like this happen to me before. Usually, Ebay is really good at resolving things in a short amount of time. I can't believe that you didn't have a good experience with their customer service department, FrankN. Maybe it's different for fraud cases, but I will definitely start changing my password every month if this is the case.
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I have been scammed a few times on Ebay as well. Someone was able to take over my account and tried to purchase and sell multiple items. It took awhile on Ebay to resolve. I did not have the best experience with their customer service.
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Wow, that's crazy. I wonder why anyone would do that. Were they taking the money and not delivering the products? I change my password often on those types of websites. I hope you didn't have too much of a problem.
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Spotting unusual activity is the first step, and then immediately doing something about it is the second. The OP did all the right things here. Something to take note of.
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I had that happen to me! Well I had someone crack into my ebay account instead of making sales the person had actually tried purchasing things. Ebay noticed that I was making absurb amounts of purchases and shut down my account. I had thought I had a unique password but ebay took care of it and they reopened my account, now I change my password every month.
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Did they just want your account because you had a really good score? It's hard to imagine how they pick somebody to impersonate. Sounds like ebay was pretty helpful though, so that's encouraging.
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No I didn't have to close the account completely. I have a 100% feedback and didn't want to lose my rating. But I had to wait while ebay closed the scam sales and then I had to change my password. I also had to write to the emails I'd recieved saying it was a scam and nothing to do with me. Now I advise people to have unusual passwords with letters and numbers in them which are harder for scammer to find out.
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Good Lord! No! Did you close the account that your were receiving payment through?
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I was amazed when my Ebay account got taken over by someone selling tickets to a football game. I only became suspicious because I had some emails offering to buy the tickets from me at a very high price! I wondered what was going on and looked to see I had sales listed on my account. Someone had cracked my password and got into my account and listed the tickets. They even asked buyers to write to another email address. They may even have made some scam sales before being found out for all I know.

Anyway there was a lot of fuss with ebay taking the sales down and making me change my passwords and so on. I couldn't use my account for a while which was inconvenient. The incident made me feel quite shocked really. The things people will do to theive and commit fraud. Had anyone else been scammed like this at all?

Bye for Now
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