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Replied by hjm331 on topic Practices makes perfect ;)

Practices makes perfect ;)
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Replied by Meya on topic Well I learned by pecking

Well I learned by pecking also, I think we all was some finger Your best bet is to purchase you a skill building typing book to help build your skills on the keyboard. Also check in your community to see if a free typing class is being offered in some community school or local government adult classes. We have a ton of them in San Francisco.

When I started school back in 2004, I was told that I had to type a min of 40 wpm with no more than 3 errors. Yikes, i figured, I am not go in errors, but the 40 probably could get I took the typing class and about 2 quarters later I passed the 40 wpm with 3 errors. Years later, I stopped practing and now I can not type without an error but I can keep my eyes off of the keyboard if I am not dealing with numbers, symbols, brakets or dealing with the F1-F12.
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Replied by Finance Globe on topic Several years ago, I did

Several years ago, I did the same thing, but with 2 fingers on each hand. I began to force myself to use 3, then 4, then finally 5. After keeping a standard hand placement, I learned that my fingers were trained to memorize the keys. I typed without looking at the screen, and to my surprise, I could write a complete sentence without looking at the keyboard.

With that said, it's really funny, because if you gave me a blank keyboard and told me to fill in the places, I would get 4 or 5 of them if I was lucky. I'm like a robot I guess.

Make sure you train yourself by using the same keyboard.
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I am working now and I need to learn to type right. The problem is I use mostly just my index fingers and peck at the keys. I am fairly fast doing it my way but the problem is I need to learn to look at the screen and type at the same time, ive been typing this way for over 13 years! Right now I am trying this new technique wher i can only use my middle fingers and then when i get used to that I will switch and only use my ring finger ect... then I will use them all and slowly get used to it.

Can anyone give me some advice?
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