Is it better to dispute your credit report around the holidays?

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Replied by FrankN on topic credit score

haha you may be right, customer service reps generally are not very happy. I have not had the best experience during the holidays either.
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I have never had someone be rude at a credit bureau. Bill collectors, on the other hand, seem to like to be rude and nasty, but it's probably because they're cynical. They get lied to every single day.
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Replied by djames on topic That's risky

I would never deliberately wait to dispute an error, but I doubt very much that waiting makes you look bad, necessarily. A lot of issues are simply not caught for a long time because so many people do not check their credit reports on a regular basis. As to the employee being nice or not, ignore them if they give you grief or ask to speak to a supervisor.
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If you have a problem to report and you make an active decision to hold off on it until the holidays - for whatever reason - I think you run two big risks. One being that they may wonder why you waited at all - it doesn't suggest legitimate concern, and the other being that they may well be operating on reduced hours, making it even harder than usual to get through.
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Agree ... dispute ASAP! Don't worry about the attitude of the customer service reps ... it is your credit and file that is being affected. Truth, I have not found the credit bureaus to be warm fuzzy places and don't care! Just get the information right!!!
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I'm not sure what the thought process was to this question, but I agree that you need to report any issues as soon as you notice them.

Frank, you must be having good customer service experiences to suggest someone at a call center may be nicer because it's Christmas. Most of the people I've been talking to lately are stressed out and rude! :white-flag:
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Replied by FrankN on topic Dispute ASAP

Although I have minimal facts to back this up, I would argue no. They are not going to give you a pass just because it is the holidays. The person you talk to may be nicer, but I would be very surprised if the outcome is any different than any other time.

I would also agree 100% with DONRON.
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Replied by Janet19 on topic Dispute ASAP

I agree with DonRon. As soon as you spot something on your credit report that isn't right, you need to dispute it. It seems like it would look really bad if you knew about it for a long time and waited to report it.
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Replied by DonRon on topic When to dispute

In my opinion you need to dispute inaccuracies on your credit report as soon as you see them. The longer they are on your credit, the longer they are *affecting* your credit.
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I'm not really sure what your thoughts are on this. However, if it is a legitimate dispute any time is good as another.
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Is it better to dispute your credit files around the holidays? :fun: Any thoughts?
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