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Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Unfortunately, you're not the only one. Many creditors are closing c/c accounts nowadays just because they can. You'd be surprised at the reasons they use to close your account.

Barclay's is a subprime lender and uses subprime practices. They did you a favor by closing your account (wrong timing, I know) but at least know you'll know not to trust lenders.
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The night before I was scheduled to cruise, I went online to make sure my recent payment to my Carnival Mastercard had cleared. I was stunned when I discovered that my account had been closed WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME AND AFTER TAKING a $600 payment. I was scheduled to take a cruise the next day and that $600 was my expense money. I was stranded and trying to borrow money to pay my hotel bill and other expenses. I have always maintained this account and usually pay over the minimum.

I ran into a temporary financial difficulty the past 3 months and had contacted my other credit card companies. They were very cooperative and agreed to close my account, suspended all fees and lowered my interest rate to 9% or below. My financial problem will be short lived because I have a small business that operates from January to April. This cruise was paid for in full before I ran into financial troubles and I decided to still go because I needed to destress. Well Barclay Bank only added to my stress and health problems. It is ironic that the one credit card I decided to keep is the one that stabbed me in the back - Barclay Bank. I will be contacting my lawyer to check the legalities of their actions.

To add to my shock, the last person I spoke to on the phone Saturday night was rude, disrespectful, and seemed to take pleasure in my troubles. She suggested I get a "payday loan" (on Saturday night and I was leaving for the cruise port on Sunday morning). Never did she apologize or even seem sympathetic. I was told that Carnival had the right to close my account at anytime. I asked if a portion of my payment could be refunded and was told no – they also had the right to accept a payment at their discretion.

I should have made my minimum payment and kept my money for cruise expenses. I was just trying to get my Carnival Fun Points.
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