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Hello everyone...I am actually trying to help my 20 year old son avoid the credit mistakes I have made. My credit is horrible and we are keeping an eye on his to try to build it. Here is an overview...

He is 20 years old, full time job for 1 year 3 mo. One first premier card with a $250 limit paid as agreed for 6 months. That is the only thing on his report. All three bureaus list his score as 702, not sure how this can be???

Here are my questions... Is there any store, gas or mc/visa that he might be approved for? We only did the First Premier to start building. Also, I have a friend who is a manager at the Ford dealership who said he could get him approved, should we open a low balance auto loan to build credit?

Thanks for your time, any help is appreciated. Just want to help him succeed and teach him the importance of credit responsibility (due to my life being much more difficult as a result of my own irresponsibility). He is very responsible for his age but this is all new to him.
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