Capital one added a annual fee now, what the heck?

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Okay, so I've had my account for over two years, not late, always paid tons more than the minimum, recently the lowered my APR from 24.90% to 4.40% without even me asking, it was after I made 13 on time payments, because 12 months ago I paid a dollar under the minimum and it jacked up my rates, well now this month I see they added a Annual fee on to my account of $39.00 now for the past two and a half years I've never had a annual fee on my account, how can they legally just add one all of a sudden?

I called and they told me they don't see any annual fee's ever on any of my statements, yet they are telling me that the offer I signed up for 2 and a half years ago stated there was a annual fee, one of the guys tried telling me sometimes you get no AF for 2 years and than you do, huh? when did they start doing this? So I got the supervisor to refund the AF but still I'm sure next year I will be fighting to get it reversed, I just don't get how they can do this to me, I have two accounts my other account has a AF and this one never did, the one with the AF was $300 limit, this was one $750, now with the new credit card laws, because I never had one before, and they waived it this time, legally they should not be able to charge me one correct? any ideas would help out.. as I am so confused.
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