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After the reading the post on which credit card companies forgives people for bankruptcy, can someone tell me which cc companies forgive people for charge offs? Seven years ago I had financial problems and couldn't pay my credit card bills. I had a Macy's, JC Penney, Chevron, Shell, Target, 2 Capital 1 visas, Fingerhut, Kmart, and Texaco and they all became charge offs. Only Shell is on my credit report right now and all the others have fell off my credit report. Shell will be coming off in Feb. 2009. I paid for my FICO score and it was 663. I applied for a Best Buy store card last month and HSBC denied me because of the Kmart card. I know Citi and GE owns some of the credit cards that were charged off. Do Capital 1, Citi or GE or HSBC give second chances for their credit cards for people who had charge offs with them? I know those cc companies are at the top of the list with offering different credit cards. I don't wanna apply for a credit card and get denied leaving an inquiry on my report if the cc companies don't give second chances. I have an Orchard secured card that I pay off each month and I keep it below the 30%. I got that card in August 08. I'm trying to rebuild my credit. I haven't checked my scores with equifax, transunion or experian. I'm not sure if they are higher or lower than my FICO score.
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