Equifax score on report differs from apllication denial

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I wondered the same thing. How can I have different credit scores from different credit score companies? Why don't they all track us the same, one score. It makes no sense to me.
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What I don't understand is why they have to complicate things by using any scoring method they deem acceptable. Why can't we just have a universal credit scoring system that makes sense for everybody?
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The score you are seeing on Best Buy's "HSBC" decline page is called a Vantage Score, that is a typical score range for that type of model, credit card companies can use any model they see fit, based upon risk and the type of credit product, I have seen in some instances where credit card companies such as "ELAN" financial uses a Classsic FICO 04 model to approve their applications. It used to be lenders didnt have to disclose your score and range, but since new federal laws and regulations were implemented awhile back, its now a law that lenders have to disclose your scores, and why you may have received terms less favorable then those with higer scores, they also have to disclose key factors that contributed to your score, which in your case was stated above in your decline letter. :worried:
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The score quoted by Best Buy is their own "in-house" formula which all store cards compute differently.
I would try Wal-mart, they approved me with only a 615 score.
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I pulled my Equifax score online today which shows a score of 623. I then researched which card would be best for my score range. I then Apllied for a Best Buy Regular Credit Card. Below is the online response I got. Why is the score listed on the report they pulled lower thatn what is shown on my report???

As of
Application number]Your score][/B]
The score ranges from a low of 150 to a high of 950.
Date the score was obtained]
The reasons for the score are:

Our credit decision was based, in whole or in part, on information provided by the consumer reporting agency listed below. You have a right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information contained in your credit profile.
Equifax Credit Info Svcs
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.
P.O. Box 98704
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8704
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