Starting over again and hello again

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I'm sorry to hear about your DH job loss. You are not alone.

Best best thing you have done is being proactive and contacting your creditors and making arrangements. This will have less impact on your credit and rebuilding will be alot easier in the long run. Just make sure you document all conversations and follow up with an email or letter.
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Hello everyone,

It has been quite sometime since I posted on the forum. I had been working very hard on slowly repairing my and my DH credit by paying more than the minimum and/or paying the balances completely off. I was slowing progress being made and could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everything was going along great then my DH was laid off a couple of months ago because of outsourcing (he had been employed with the company for quite sometime).

Well as you can imagine the loss of that income has a drastic affect on how bills were getting paid (our most important thing was to keep a roof over our heads and food to eat etc.) and our credit score has taken a major downward dive.

We have been calling our creditors and most of them have been so understanding and are willing to work with us.

I remembered the great information that I was given when I was a regular on this forum so I am back.

Sorry for the long post :cheesing:
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