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I noticed here lately that more websites are offering links to find pre approved offers. This can greatly help your chances of finding credit card offers you may already qualify for, without taking a "hard inquiry" on your report. Also, it can help you find out what kind of range you are in, as far as credit card types: bad credit, good credit, excellent credit. Pre approved offers do not guaranty credit as once you actually apply, the lender may find something on your credit they did not like. Usually, they are going off your score as the credit bureau's provide this information based on a list of criteria the lender's may require. These are just ones I could think of, so feel free to add to the forum. Just make sure that your link is not outdated as some issuer's such as American Express will offer a pre approved link, then do away with it. Another example is, on the First Premier site, I can see my offers but it appears it is not a general link, as when I try to access it later the link becomes broken.



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