This is how I got a over 15K CL and A FICO of over 740.............. In a years time.

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Hi FG,

Well I don't know where to start but let me say this I need to give credit to a review on here that I came cross with. . This review is from 2008, but it worked for me as of 2013. I also need to give out credit to members of this site for helping me how to use and understand credit. This post is how I got my wife from 0 credit to over 15k in a years time and a FICO of over 740. This post will help anybody who is new to credit and wants to have good credit. PLEASE be advised you are responsible for any credit INQUIRY or any credit decisions you make.

My wife came here to the USA in Aug-2011 and received her SS# on Aug-25-11. Well my goal for her was to establish credit and get prime credit cards. Also one one of my goals was to get a Chase Sapphire Prefferd and Amex SPG card in two years time, I did it in one year.

Lets begin;

Basically I charged everything on her cards and and payed it off by the statement date. Some months I kept a high balance and payed it off the next month. Sometimes I charged $1500 on a $500 credit card; I just pay 3-5 times a month. Paying multiple payments helps you get more credit as it tells banks you are a low risk to default on your credit cards and shoots your scores up. Always pay more then the minimum payment when you statements arrive. Always keep you utilization ratio at below 15%, sometimes I was at 75% but payed it off the next month.

Sept-2011: I applied for a Cap one Newcomers card and was denied for no credit. I applied for First Premier card was denied for no credit also. This was a mistake by me as I got 2 INQ for nothing.
Total CL:0 INQ: EX 1, TU 1, EQ 2

In Oct-11 I applied for me a Cap One Newcomers and got approved for $300 and credit steps to $500. I put here with me as an Authorized user.
Total CL:500 INQ: EX 1, TU 1, EQ 2

Dec-11: I applied for a BOA Secured card for $500 deposit for a $500 CL, 39 AF, 20.24% APR.
Total CL:1000 INQ: EX 2, TU 1, EQ 2

Jan-12: Cap one kept sending pre approvals like 10 of them, and applied was approved for $500 ( $750 after credit steps) 0 AF, 24.99 % APR.
Total CL:1750 INQ: EX 3, TU 2, EQ 3

March-April 2012: My dad had good credit card coming for him and we decided to put her an 4 of them. Amex NPSL, Chase 5k, Discover 3k, BOA since 2009 with 2.5K. After 6 months we took her off his credit card because he had high balances on his cards. I am not going to add my dads cards as credit to her, just her own credit cards.

May-12: We opened a Chase checking and Saving account and she was pre approved for the Freedom Card. $500 CL 0 APR for 15 months (after intro 18.99) 0 AF.
Total CL:2250 INQ: EX 4, TU 4, EQ 3

June-12: Went to Macy's and applied for and she was denied. Had to wait for the letter and she was denied for no credit history. The Cashier put the wrong last 4 of SS # on application. After calling them was approved for $300 CL, 24.5 % APR, 0 AF. Same month went to Macy's and tried to get Amex and was denied because we did not meet there annual spending of $1000. Dumb move by me I thought I had a chance. In Nov-12 was auto increased to $1000 CL.
Total CL: 3250 INQ: EX 5, TU 4, EQ 4

July-12: Received a Pre approval with Discover More card and was approved for $2500 CL, 0 AF, 0 APr for 15 months ( 17.99 after intro). 676 TU FICO
Total CL:5750 INQ: EX 5, TU 5, EQ 4

Dec-12: Apllied for Citi Foward card and it took the longest to get approved for. Read my Review for the whole story. Long story short was approved for $1500 CL, 0 AF, 21.99% APR.
Total CL:7250 INQ: EX 6, TU 5, EQ4

Jan-13: Applied for AMEX SPG card and was approved for $2500 CL, 65 AF, 17.24 APR. 744 FICO TU.
Total CL:9750 INQ: EX 7, TU 6, EQ 5

Jan-13: Applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred and was approved for $5000 CL, 95 AF, 15.24% APR.
Total CL:14750 INQ: EX 8, TU 6, EQ 5

Jan-13: Called Chase and requested a CLI for Freedom Card and was approved for 2000 CLI. Total CL 2500
Total CL:16750 INQ: EX 8, TU 7, EQ 5

Jan-13: BOA I canceled the card because they wanted AF of 39 for a cash back card and it was not worthit for me.
Total CL:16250 INQ: EX 8, TU 7, EQ 5

You could also take away my Cap one card and for a Total CL:$15,750 INQ: EX 8, TU 7, EQ 5 and FICO SCORE of 744 . Not bad for a years time of credit.
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