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W, my terms are "flexible spending" - as long as I pay the balance IN FULL by the payment due date following the billing cycle when my purchases exceeded my credit limit.

This is the same for my USAA World MC and my Citi World MC.
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Well so much for "no preset" spending limits. The Trans Union Credit Bureau calls them "flexible spending limits" and at USAA Federal Savings Bank Credit Card Center they are called "merchandise expansion limits". For those of you who have inquired about USAA having "no preset" spending limits... the answer is "yes" and they don't always tell you about them. I found out when Trans Union showed them as existing on my credit report. I called USAA and found they actually exist but are called something else other than "no preset". If you are a USAA Member with a credit card, call and find out what your "merchandise expansion limit" is? In my case both credit cards have a 25% "merchandise expansion limit". Not to bad!
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