FamZoo Review


Are you searching for a better way to teach your children financial responsibility? Are you hoping to make your life a little bit easier along the way?

If so, FamZoo is the service for you. Here's its tagline:

Prepaid cards and a family finance app for kids, teens, and parents.

While there are similar services on the market, FamZoo has moved to the forefront of the industry thanks to its long list of features and competitive pricing structure.

How Much Does it Cost?

A FamZoo subscription allows you to use all of the prepaid cards in your account, for as long as you keep it active. Furthermore, if you need to add new family members to your account, it doesn't change your monthly subscription fee. 

When you sign-up for an account, you're given two payment options:

  • Monthly: pay $5.99 per month, automatically billed on the same day. You can cancel your account at any time. 

  • Pay-in-advance: By paying for a block of months in advance, you gain access to the lowest pricing. For example, if you prepay for six months, the monthly cost drops to $4.33/month. And if you take this all the way out to 24 months, the monthly cost decreases all the way to $2.50/month.

It's nice to have two available payment options, as it allows you to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Top Features of the FamZoo Prepaid Card

There's no shortage of features associated with the FamZoo prepaid card. Here are some that are sure to pique your interest:

  • Saves you time on money management: For example, if you're used to giving your children a cash allowance, you can instead load up their card. And best yet, this gives you the opportunity to track their spending.

  • Teach important financial skills: The earlier you teach your children how to responsibly manage their money, the better off they'll be. FamZoo is designed with this in mind.

  • Instant transfers: You can instantly move money between any family member's cards. It only takes one click for you to fund another card, which is much more convenient than handing out cash, writing a check, or going to the ATM.

  • Scheduled transfers: Do you want to give your children a set amount of money on the same day every month? This feature allows you to schedule the money to automatically go out of your account and into theirs.

  • Activity alerts: If you have concerns about how your child will use their card, this feature allows you to receive alerts every time they make a purchase. Furthermore, you can also use it to track their balance in real-time.

  • One-click lock: If you need to lock your child from using their account, you can do so with one click. And of course, you can unlock it just as quickly.

It's these features that will save you time and give you peace of mind, all while teaching your children important financial lessons. 

Final Thoughts

When you add the features above to an industry-leading, intuitive app, you have a financial tool that suits the many needs of both parents and children.

If you're seeking a better financial system for your entire family, take a strong look at FamZoo. By securing a prepaid card for every member of your family, you gain immediate access to a long list of top-flight features and benefits. It has the power to change your financial life forever!