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Written by: izach30 on 2008-11-11

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izach30's review: Callout Comment Great card for those who are trying to build there credit! If you don't mind the fees in the beginning deffinately get this card, they report to all three bureaus on time and accurate, Most of all there customer service is OK! Don't expect Citi or wells fargo but there up there!!!


Comment 1 by brian23
I Had This Card Too.... User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks But recently closed it. I actually 1st hard a card from the same bank (Compucredit Corporation) and I have to admit, if you need to call into CS for any reason, "best of luck to you." They outsource all there reps, they are completely unhelpful and hard to understand. I had a dispute with an old card with this bank that I had to escalate to the the B. B. B. Because it was impossible to get anyone to help me in CS. I asked so many times to speak with a supervisor and continuously was hung up on or still stuck speaking with people in India.

Recently, after 4 years of not having that old card, I received a call from the FDIC stating they were doing an investigation of this company, because of the thousands (that's what the rep stated) of complaints they have received about this company. I gave my statement and my side of the story about what happened and she said she would be in contact if she needed anything.

Long story short, when no one would give me a shot with a card, I took this route to rebuild. I am still in the rebuilding phase, but thankfully enough, I have gotten rid of these type of cards and been able to move up to better ones.

I saw your other post on the Orchard card, have you tried getting an account with Macy's or JcPenney, yes, they are department stores, but don't have any additional fees attached to them and they are pretty easy to get for those of us in the rebuilding phases and do periodic CLI's.
Comment 2 by meya
Re Brian User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks Is this card linked with Salute? If so, they are probably going to go down the drain also. You are correct I did hear a lot about this company under investigation. Keep your eyes and ears open izach30!
Comment 3 by colonative
1St Bank Of Delaware User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks Isn't this different then Salute? At any rate, this card, and others like it (Salute, Rewards 660, First Premier) should always be the LAST resort. If you think your credit is in the tank, try a secured card from Citi, Bank of America, US Bank or your local credit union. If you have to pay fees up front anyway, you might as well use it for the secured card with a prime lender.

If you are declined for a secured card, then go with these guys.

I agree with Brian. JC Penney and Macy's are a good way to start out too.

If you do decide to go with cards like this, pay and be on time then apply for Orchard, Capital One and Hooters then ditch this bad boy.
Comment 4 by brian23
Re Meya User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks Yeap, the backing bank is 1st Bank of Delaware but the managing company for Imagine, Salute, Aspen and Tribute is Compucredit Corporation. Beware with this company, according to the woman I spoke with from the FDIC, there are lots of complaints against them for lack of customer service and bad marketing techniques. I seriously wouldnt be surprised if they were the next company to go under...
Comment 5 by mrs628
??? User Icon on 2008-11-11

Remarks I like this card too. But if the company goes under what happen to those of us who established some history with them? Will we lose our accounts or will we be sold to another bank?
Comment 6 by brian23
Re MRS628 User Icon on 2008-11-12

Remarks I think you need to call your card company and see what's the deal with this card. Because there are some posts on this website that are saying Salute card members are having their accounts closed down.
Comment 7 by jerica
Salute In Terrible Shape User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks Be really aware cc salute are closing account left and right as they have closed my mother's cc account. This company is going to the extreme of doing CLD's as well as giving bogus reasons for closing accounts.
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