You’re almost positive that a personal loan is exactly what you’ve been looking for. As excited as you may be, don’t jump into this just yet. Instead, take the time to answer a few key questions: 1. How will you use the loan? There’s no good reason ...

There may come a point when you realize you’re unable to pay a creditor in full. While you could default, it’s much better to contact your creditor with the idea of negotiating your debt. As scary as it may be to make this call, once you’re on the r ...

Welcome back, we missed you! Yes, the move seems unusual and risky. Not sure if the Preferred offer was profitable enough for them, and they decided to introduce the fee based offer. They are going after a different audience now.


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Wanted to say " Good Afternoon " to all, been a long time and I wanted to stop by and share what AMEX is doing these days. Just read an article that the " Gold Preferred " card will be rebranded a " Gold Card " but they are restructuring their rewards differently to market themselves more towards a younger base . They are giving more points towards groceries , restaurants , hotels and taking away the " Gas " purchase 2 points for every dollar spent . AMEX also for a limited time will start issuing " Rose Gold " color cards that will now be " metal ' . The thing that got me was that the annual fee now increases to $250 year :angry: ! Now unless your a frequent traveler I don't see how the Platinum Card ( which I finally broke down and got one to go along with my gold card ) is all what its cracked up to be with the gold card nibbling at its heels . While these new travel benefits of the Gold Card are better than before I now feel that the Platinum Card membership might fall as time moves forward .


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If you have performed any research on the investment advisor industry recently, you likely have seen a lot of companies offering robo-advisor investment solutions. A lot of people might not fully understand what robo-advisors are and how they work. B ...

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As I discussed last month, a 529 plan is a great way to save for your children’s future. However, many people may not know what a 529 plan is and what kind of benefits it offers to you and your children. Below is a high level summary of what a 529 pl ...

When you apply for a credit card it’s your hope that you receive an instant approval. Unfortunately, this may not be the end result. It’s always possible that you could receive a denial, thus forcing you to take a few key steps in the near future. H ...

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Nowadays you can do so much on your phone, including your personal finances. There are also a ton of options out there and they are not all equal! Below are my favorite budget and personal finance apps. Mint: This is the gold standard app for your ...

I just started a 529 plan for my future child!

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I am very glad this is free now, because it can be a great tool for the consumer!

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My philosophy on purchasing cars is to buy used, a car with less than 40,000 miles. I feel this is where you can get the best deals.

ChrisB, How about testing these products out? Is there any benefit to seeing some of these products in person?

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There is an incredible American Express Marriott/SPG credit card deal going on. I would highly recommend looking into this card if you want a hotel credit card.

I have used other cards over time as new cards come to market and they are better deals. However, I never cancel my cards so I can keep the length of purchases in my credit report.

I am usually against store credit cards because the returns don't outweigh the benefits. Only in unique situations where you spend a lot of money at one place.

Call your cable company atleast once every 6 months to get a refresh of new deals. They usually can offer you a low rate.

I have never received a personal loan, but my wife has. If possible, I would try for other loans if possible, because you will get a much better rate. For example, using a home equity line instead of taking out a personal loan.

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I would add to be prepared to pay everything with cash for a very long time. No one is going to give you credit so be prepared to pre-fund all of your purchases.

Chris are you a licensed real estate professional?

Great information Latoya! Have you had dispute anything on your credit report before?