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Interesting methods of Tax Property Appraisals! Sure would not want them to verify by an on-site inspection. The county I live iin got tired of the local governmental units employing independent appraisers that often did not inspect the properties and favored certain names in small towns. What did the county do, took over all appraising in the county and is in the process of visiting all properties. My community was completely re-appraised in 2017 and WOW what a difference. Amazing what outside county appraisers could do to introduce proper appraisal technics and fairness!!! The favorites in town met equal values for equal properties. AMAZING!


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In my hometown, it's well known that challenging your property assessment will usually lead to a lower estimate and thus,a lower tax bill. It's a small town, so the Property Assessor's minions pretty much just drive by the homes and list an estimate based off that first impression. There just aren't enough workers to do a thorough check and their estimations are usually too high.FrankN wrote:

Thanks so much, I am very happy and am lucky to be in this opportunity. It is fun to own a home, but expensive!
Which expense has surprised you the most?


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Joker wrote:

I've had rentals and they are a pain if you ask me. Renters tend to not give a d.... what they do to your house. I don't care how many rules and regs you have for them to sign. Be sure you take photos of before and after for the judge in case you have to sue. I had to get rid of them all.
If that happens frequently it could be the area you're in or maybe you're not asking for a high enough deposit. I can't imagine dealing with that. My big fear would be someone getting hurt on the property and suing me as the rental owner.


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Moneyes, is there a specific Mutual Fund that you can recommend? I've checked some out, but can't find any that are worthwhile. I'd love some suggestions if you have the time.

Joker, I'm a fan of using cryptocompare and cointelegraph for tracking the digital currency market.


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Negotiating a bank fee is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. While there is no way to guarantee success, there are a few tips you can follow to put yourself in better position. The first thing you need to do is understand the fee and why it came ...

When the winter months roll around, you may be tempted to hibernate indoors until the spring weather arrives. This is particularly true if you live in a state where the winter months mean cold temperatures and snow. While there’s nothing wrong with ...

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Do you live near any kind of resort area or a place where there is an event going on? I used to live in North Augusta, SC close to where the Masters golf tournament is played. Many, many folks rented their homes out for a week or two during the tournament and made GOOD money. That would be ideal to make the money and still have the home.


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Unfortunately, when you get a large breed dog, you also take on the responsibility of feeding them and taking them to the vet. Much like a child. My husband used to have a St. Bernard before he met me. He said the dog went through a case of Alpo every week plus a 50lb. bag of dry food. He used to play football in the back yard with him. He was a good opponent and tackled well. Good luck with your pit bull Joker. I'm sure he's worth every penny.


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Information from The Business Standard:

"The process of transferring of home loan is very simple and it is completed in a few steps. Firstly, you need to submit an application to your current lender requesting to transfer your current home loan to the other bank. On the basis of your request, the bank will provide you a consent letter or NOC and also statement mentioning your all outstanding amount. Then you need to submit these documents to the bank where you want to transfer the loan.

Afterwards, your new lender sanctions the loan amount to the old lender for the closure of your account. Once all the transactions are over, your property papers will be handed over to the new lender and remaining postdated cheques or ECS will be cancelled. The home loan switch is beneficial because the bank in which such loan is transferred offers you a lower rate of interest.

The Bank you are moving on will treat your home loan as fresh and you have to follow all the procedures again. It will include your credit appraisals, legal verification of your property credentials and also the technical evaluation by the new bank, etc.

On transferring to your account, you need to pay some processing fees to your new lender which ranges somewhere between 0.5% and 1.5% of the loan amount

Source: http://www.business-standard.com/article/pf/transfer-your-home-loan-in-easy-steps-113091300118_1.html

The only way to do this and save on processing fee's is to have your current lender simply re-structure the current loan. I have done that twice on car loans because, as your re-payment history remains solid and your credit score increases, you are due a lower interest rate. So if your current lender won't do it, lower your interest rate, there are scores of other lenders who will.


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Here is a website with really good financial information. https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/boomers/slideshows/10-tax-breaks-for-people-over-50 Many of the articles you can incorporate into your original question.

People who are getting on with their years should think outside the box a little. Instead of constantly thinking of ways to make or save money, think of how you can not spend what you have. Not so much being frugal, but rather the tax breaks they talk about on that site. Whatever you save on taxes via the breaks you are entitled to, invest aggressively.


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To answer your title, I think the platform on which Bitcoin operates, Blockchain, will be the future method by which currencies are handled.

It sounds like you want aggressive investments, but I don't think BTC should be the way to go. Choosing an aggressive mutual fund program would be way less risky than BTC. It will get less risky as time goes by and they can prove themselves to be trustworthy through longevity.


What store Department cards and credit cards am I eligible for with a credit score and the poor range

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I have been wondering about bitcoin and if there are any ROIs available to look at. If anyone has any good sites for me to study, I'd really appreciate the information. I know the risk is high, however, I'm in a hurry to make some money. Any other high-risk investments that are worth a look?


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I know that if you start saving as a young adult, that you will enjoy the compounding effect of your investments. What about the older saver? What would be a good investment plan for the say "50" something person? Does anyone have any advice?


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Please help me know the details of mortgage renewal costs. I am planning to consult a new lender for further processes. So, there would definitely be a setup fee for that. But, I don't know whether there are any other related costs.

Does anyone have any previous experience in this? And what are the formalities while switching a lender? Is it that much complicated? What do you think of this company offering services related to mortgage renewal process in Canada?

Hope someone could help me. Thanks in advance!


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FrankN wrote:

I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone to getting a pay-day loans. There are better alternatives.

Yeah, like the mafia. Pay Day interest rates are insane. Even back when I was younger and didn't know much about finances, I knew that what they were doing was a trap for the people getting loans.


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One world currency might be a lovely idea, but the privacy that we will lose over digital networks (I think) is a deal killer for me. I'm keeping my "old dollar bill" for now and I am not going to get a tatoo for identification either. They will have to chase me and hold me down.


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My mother used to talk about the shortages during the war. Women working in factories to keep up with the demand on guns and bullets. Hose were hard to get, but if you had a good friend on base, they could get them. If you look at our history, wars have gotten us out of some really bad economic times. Do you think it will happen again?


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I remember commercials for pay-day loans when I was a kid. When I knew nothing about money and interest rates it seemed awesome. It's been awhile since I've seen a commercial, though I'm sure they have billboards in the parts of town that are more likely to "need" that. "Need" because, as FrankN says, there are better alternatives.


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Wanderer wrote:

As best I recall, back in time as the Federal Reserve Prime Rate increased the savings rate seemed to follow. Today, with the mortgage rate staying low even despite Federal Reserve Rate increases the market for money may have changed and the savings rate will only move ever so slowly. That said, I can remember back to the 1970's when CDs were paying 17+% but, remember mortgage rates were well over 10% so as Isaac Newton used to say: "... for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ..."!

Wow, that's a great return, but also hefty on the mortgage. My rate is around 3.75. When one of my buddies found out, he ended up refinancing his house to get something similar.