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  • 3 Ways to Secure a New Car Loan with Bad Credit

    Just because you have less than ideal credit doesn’t mean you will never be able to purchase a new car. This may bring additional challenges to the process, but there are steps you can take to improve ...

    by ChrisB
    Monday, 29 June 2015
  • College Students: How are you Preparing Financially for the Fall Semester?

    As a college student, there is nothing more exciting than the summer months. This is a time to unwind. This is a time to think about the year to come. Of course, it is also a time for you to realize t ...

    by ChrisB
    Thursday, 25 June 2015
  • Reasons to Put your Credit Card Away for Good

    There is no denying the many benefits associated with applying for and using a credit card. For example, you may earn reward points that can be used for everything from travel to gift cards (and much ...

    by ChrisB
    Wednesday, 24 June 2015
  • Answer these Questions before you Visit a Car Dealer

    Imagine this: you are all set to purchase a new vehicle. All you have to do is visit your local dealer, negotiate a deal, and drive off the lot. As simple as this sounds, it can be extremely challeng ...

    by ChrisB
    Tuesday, 23 June 2015
  • 5 Cheap Ways to Add Big Value to your Home

    Are you seeking new ways to add big value to your home? Are you hoping to do so on a budget? If you answered yes to these questions, here are a few ideas to consider: 1. Paint, paint, and paint some ...

    by ChrisB
    Monday, 22 June 2015
  • Best Practices for Reviewing a Credit Card Offer

    Imagine this scenario: you are searching for the right credit card, hoping to locate an offer you can get excited about. And then it happens. You come across a card that appears to be perfect for you ...

    by ChrisB
    Friday, 19 June 2015
  • What are the Benefits of a Bad Credit Credit Card?

    Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean your life comes to an end. It also doesn’t mean you can never use a credit card again. There is a big difference between obtaining a credit card and usin ...

    by ChrisB
    Thursday, 11 June 2015
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