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Written by: bc8787 on 2011-04-07

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I have had this card for 4 years now. It has helped me build my credit history and give me the ability to get better, higher limit cards. Capital One will NOT give me a credit line increase what so ever. (I have great credit now)I have even called to cancel the card. The only reason I haven't is because the customer service rep I spoke with that day took ownership of the call and convinced me not to cancel. Their customer service agents and even supervisors cannot over ride the system and give you an increase. I even got an analyst on the line and was advised that I would have to apply for a new card. So what did I do? I applied for another card. I got denied. Why? The letter stated "Our records indicate you already have accounts with us" Yes! I know that! So I called back and was advised that I would have to cancel my other 2 capital one cards and apply again. No thank you. I am not going to cancel a line of credit with 4 years of history behind it. So this card is paid off and I will no longer use it. I have cards with much higher limits and less APR. But if you are looking for a good unsecured card for rebuilding credit... This is the one to get. I do commend capital one for giving me a chance as a lender when I had a bad credit score 4 years ago (564). I do like to use this card when I go out of town or to places I don't know because every time I use the card it sends me a text message, and if I am not the one that used it I will know right away.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Good Starter Card on 2011-04-18

Confirm your findings with Capital One. They gave me a second chance. Also, they would not raise my credit limit so I ended up closing the account and moving on after I had built sufficient credit depth to take the FICO Score points hit which ended up as no points lost.
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