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Written by: kbs on 2010-09-15

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Credit Line 800.00... Interest 23.9 Annually Fee

174.00 billed At 14.50 per month... What Do You

Guys Think? My Score is 640


Comment 1 by mizzcc1
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-09-15

640 is not TERRIBLE... And First Premier Bank is a card for people with TERRIBLE credit. I think you might have done better getting a card through Capital One. My dad's credit is bad... His average score is like 580 and he just got approved with Capital One for TWO $500 limit cards, one regular and one rewards card, with only a 39.00 annual fee on each.
Comment 2 by ari
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-09-16

Sorry, I would have to agree with the previous comment. You got a raw deal. $174.00 a year for a 800.00 credit limit. You would have been much better off w/Capitalone. At any rate, too late now. Use the card to build credit. If you charge anything, pay it off with the additional monthly fee before the bill is generated. At least that way, you don't throw good money after bad by paying interest on their ridiculous fee.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-09-16

This card is a waste of time. Premier Bank is a bottom feeder taking advantage of those less fortunate. Can't give this one a positive!
Comment 4 by ceniceros1
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-11-03

I had been a cash only girl for so long my credit never went up so three years ago I got two cards from premier one including this one. Credit limit was only $200 & $300. $49 annual fee, monthly fees are about $6.00 20.15% APR.

These cards are good for starting the credit back up and really should never have much charged on them. Best thing to do is buy gas or something on them and pay off, keep under 15%. They do report to all three which is great! They did finally stop charging you $7.00 for online payments...
Comment 5 by ceniceros1
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-11-03

Oops forgot to say, yup agree that your credit score is too high to settle for this card. More for people with scores under 600.
Comment 6 by ceniceros1
Re: Pre-Approved In The Mail on 2010-11-22

Just an Update, I called today to talk APR and/or credit limit increase. They now only do soft pulls for your increase not the hard inquiries they used to... So that's a plus. Down side I couldn't get rid of the monthly service fee.
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