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Sample Letter: Second Dispute of Account or Accounts*
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Customer Service:

It has been approximately one month since I sent you the letter below. A photocopy of my certified mail receipt is attached. I have not heard anything specific from you regarding this matter. By law, you must respond within a certain time. I believe the FTC defines this time as 30 days.

The following account(s) on my credit report is (are) in error. These inaccuracies are hurting my chances to obtain (a home loan, car loan, credit card, etc.). If they are not corrected soon, I will be subject to severe financial difficulties.

This account is incorrect:
Acme Auto Finance, Account Number: 74024130374

The Acme Auto Finance account is being incorrectly reported. Your report states that I was late 30 days once and 60 days once. I have never been late. I always pay this account on time. Acme Auto Finance mistakenly credited my payments to another account. This wrong information needs to be deleted from my report.

I expect your prompt resolution to this matter in writing.


(Sign your signature.)
John/Mary Doe

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Credit repair is not an exact science as individuals will have different credit issues to deal with, and may sustain unique responses from the credit bureaus. We are providing this resource as a free tool, and cannot guarantee credit repair based on individual situations. Use of this manual, like any resource at Finance Globe is subject to these
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