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So I've been in the process of repairing my credit for the past few years. I started off with under a 500 and slowly worked my way up. Started with crappy cards like Continental Finance and Orchard Bank, worked my way up to better ones like Capital One and Travelocity. My highest limit was $2000.

A new job was going to make me apply for a corporate card in March, so I figured I would pay all of my balances down to maximise my credit score. I was able to obtain the card (Diners Corporate) and managed to get my credit score up to a 720. At around that time I decided to try for a few more prime accounts. I opened up a Dell preferred account ($2000) and Chase Amazon (Only $400). I also got an auto loan ($15,000). I tried for an Amex and was declined.

I knew I'd have a lot of inquiries, and my balances had crept up a bit. I know how much debt ration can affect credit, so about a week ago I guessed my score was around a 600.

In a moment of weakness last week I applied for a United Explore Visa Signature card through Chase. I was approved instantly for $5,000. I was a little puzzled so I figured 'what the heck' and I applied to Amex for their Zync card. I was also instantly approved (I applied for this card back in March and was denied - when my score was 100+ points higher). I got obsessed and applied for yet another Amex - Their Hilton HHonors Surpass Card - which is rated very hThiighly on some forums I checked out. I was instantly approved again (don't know the limit yet).

I just pulled my Experian (I know Amex uses this) and my score was 599. I have no idea what's going on. The only thing I could think of is that a couple charge-offs from when I was in college may have dropped off. But still - 2 Amexes and a Chase with under a 600??!

Can anyone explain this? I do have a relatively high income, but the fact that I got denied to Amex 5 months ago when my scores were 100+ higher boggles my mind!
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