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Written by: swat253 on 2009-01-29

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swat253's review: Callout Comment I applied for the Starwoods Card in November and was approved with a 687 FICO. I have a long credit history and just recently recovered from an ID theft fiasco that had driven my FICOs down in the low 500s. The card details suggest an applicant should have high 700 FICO, but AM EX approved me for this and another AM EX card with an Equifax 687.

AM EX extended me a 3000 credit line with an automatic review for an increase in 6 months. I use this card, and a subsequent AM EX Blue Sky, almost exclusively since they both earn travel and airline rewards. All my other cards are now locked in a safe and will be pulled periodically for account activity purposes.


Comment 1 by cireone
AMEX User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks Maybe your actual scores are teetering around the 700s. But be cautious, as AmEx has been very psycho with doing CLDsor closing accounts all together.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks Congrats on the new approval but keep an eye on your account because they are out on a mission right now.
Comment 3 by thomas1
AMEX User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks Use your Amex for travel and entertainment like they intended the card to be used for. They are charge profiling where their cards are being used. Keep your balances low, and pay in full

They, like most other banks are on a crusade to cld and close accounts for any reason they find.
Comment 4 by alit123
Congrats User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks Congrats on ur approval... But be careful with AMEX... Paying in full everymonth is the best idea... Couple a months ago I was approved for a blue sky... It was closed in a month because they told me the economy is bad... But good luck to you
Comment 5 by wanderer
Starwood AX User Icon on 2009-01-31

Remarks Great to see you return to the big card carriers list. It gives me hope my day will soon come. My BK was 09/2001 and most big banks still won't issue me a card. The BK is still on the credit bureau. So NICE work!
Comment 6 by swat253
UPDATE! User Icon on 2011-10-05

Remarks I have had this card for over two and a half years! I use this card exclusively for daily purchases and paying recurring monthly payments; satellite TV, cell phone, utilities, etc. I recently redeemed my accrued points for a fully-paid, 4 night stay in a NY City 4-star hotel for the upcoming Christmas Holidays! Thanks AMEX!

No CLD's or other account drawbacks for either of my AMEX cards...
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