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Written by: iantha1 on 2009-01-29

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iantha1's review: Hello every one, I was advised about 8 months ago by meya and jim that this was the way to go. In regards to rebuilding my credit score. So I made the move to get the secured card and also I already have a saving account with them that I opened last week. The funds have been deducted and I got the approval e-mail. So all is well on the road to perfect or near perfect credit. I will make sure too make deposits on this card monthly so that I build up my secured limit to atleast 1000$. I started it with the min of 300$. Thanks again every one. Ill only use this card for my gas trips and then pay it off in full every month like clock work.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2009-01-29

Congrats on the new approval! By the way, who's jim? Lol

This is a card you will definitely end up keeping and be sure to make your payments on-time so they will upgrade your account in 9 months.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Bank Of America Good Choice on 2009-01-31

It is a good feeling seeing many of us on FInance Globe reaping the rewards of the collective wisdom on this site and getting a new credit starts...
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