"HSBC Forgives Past Indiscretions"

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Written by: mtj2150 on 2009-01-25

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mtj2150's review: Callout Comment I Applied for this card with the hope of clearing up a prior mess with Orchard/HSBC and getting back on a good footing with them. Briefly, I had a secured card with them back in 2003 which went delinquent. I managed to pay it off. Knowing how some banks blacklist I never expected HSBC to approve me now... But SURPRISE! I was approved for this card.

Scores: TU 661 EX 657 EQ 661

Applied online - got the standard "under review will respond by mail in 7-10 days" message. The card arrived in about a week.

APR 9.9% Credit Limit $500 Annual fee $59

Website signup is quick and easy. To my surprise, when I tried to use my "standard" user ID and password for setup, I discovered HSBC still has my old 2003 account online! A quick call to customer service and this was corrected immediately. The reps are obviously outsourced (thick Indian accrets) but were courteuous, helpful and very quick to respond to my needs.

My initial online payment of $59 to clear the annual fee was processed and showed on the account in 48 hours - a big plus compared to many others who place lengthy payment holds.

I am truly surprised and pleased that HSBC apparently forgives! I have read much here about how this bank can be stingy (with CLIs and other matters), I'll check back here in a year and let you know what I experience. But for now, HSBC has rekindled a friendship in my case.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-01-25

Remarks On your new account. That is good to know that HSBC does not blacklist. Do you have a Capital One account? I strongly urge you to get a Capital One in the next 6 months or so and stick with them. HSBC will only go so far for you.

Good luck with the new account and congratulations again.
Comment 2 by brian23
Great News... User Icon on 2009-01-25

Remarks Yeap, I still owe from 2003-2004 on 2 HSBC cards that are still unpaid and last year they gave me the Best Buy MC, so I know they don't blacklist. Congrats and you should def be looking to CapOne with those scores, they will be with you forever...
Comment 3 by mtj2150
Got Cap1 Too ... User Icon on 2009-01-26

Remarks Thanks guys.

Yep - I have 2 Cap1 Accounts - Standard Platinum and Cashback Rewards (Reviews here from me). I love Cap1!

Just glad now that HSBC is back in the positive fold. Too many retail accounts would be out of reach in the future if they were'nt on the "good" side!
Comment 4 by nyc123
Congrats User Icon on 2009-01-26

Remarks HSBC orchard is the best for building credit... It does not do much CLI but definitely will build your credit..

good luck!!
Comment 5 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks As ColoNative suggested, apply for a Cap 1 card and focus on that card because Capital One will grow with you.
Comment 6 by mtj2150
Got Cap1 User Icon on 2009-01-30

Remarks HJM... I have 2 Cap1's (see above & prior reviews). I do agree with you that they are the better choice. I only did this card to clean up my rep with HSBC.

Going through all now... Paying off old debts, re-forging those relationships destroyed so long ago. Believe me, I do listen to what you and others say here. In my case, it is working!
Comment 7 by wanderer
Orchard Bank User Icon on 2009-01-31

Remarks Started my rebuilding with one of their cards. Max credit line I ever got was $800. They treated me very well.
Comment 8 by sleclerc
1st Card Out Of Bankruptcy User Icon on 2009-02-06

Remarks This was my first card out of chapter 7 bankrutcy discharged in 09/08. I did include a orchard card in my bankruptcy. The apr is the lowest I have(i have three cards) and I do have a yearly fee. I want a capital one but sadly they are not taking applications from Florida and Arizona?
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