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Written by: patrick12 on 2009-01-23

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patrick12's review: I just applied for this credit card today and got the 7-10 day message, scores at the time I applied where 485 TU, 610 Eq, 571 EX, don't know if I got approved or not. I would love to have this card, been eyeing it for awhile, hopefully things work out! We shall see.

Tribute 450 CL

Capital One 750 CL

HSBC Discover 900 CL

Cortrust Bank 350 CL

Kay Jewelers 1500 CL

Jared Jewelers 1500 CL

Orchard Bank 300 CL

Monroe Muffler 1000 CL

Garrett State Bank 500CL

First National CC 350 CL

And hopefully soon, Hooters and Macy's


Comment 1 by colonative
I Thought... on 2009-01-23

You weren't going to apply for anything else for a while.

This card could help with your utilization, but if you get that annual fee I'd get rid of it.

Good luck.
Comment 2 by brian23
I Have My.... on 2009-01-24

Fingers crossed for you Patrick, Good Luck!!!
Comment 3 by patrick12
Approved!!!!! on 2009-01-26

I applied for this card 1-24-09, got the 7-10 day message, well I couldn't wait any longer, I called today and was told I was approved for $300.00, don't know what the APR or if there is a fee, but I am excited to be part of the Hooters Family! Meya again you have been a gem, I thank everyone on here for all your help! My Scores at time, My Fico Scores 492 TU, 613, Equ, 571 Experian
Comment 4 by mskiwi
Congrats on 2009-01-27

May I ask if you had any baddies on your reports? I was denied last year with better scores but baddies on my reports.

Got a denial letter but was told to call for reason, so I just didn't bother. I was pretty sure it was due to the baddies.
Comment 5 by patrick12
Baddies on 2009-01-28

Yeah I have some baddies, but a lot of positive trade information too! You have to look at your credit like a scale, once the good starts out weighing the bad your scores will go up, and along with that your accounts will age and also help boost your scores. I am a firm believer that credit card issuers take more into consideration than just your score. But who knows right now, its just the luck of the draw for me I guess
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