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Written by: irene1182 on 2009-01-22

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irene1182's review: Callout Comment The only redeeming things I see about this card are as follows:

1. I love American Express (particularly the Starwood card). Some places don't take it. So one of the only good things about this card is that its not an AmEx and is a good backup.

2. I've heard people like the points you get for both the money you spend and the miles you fly, but often you have to send "documentation" to actually get the ones for the miles flown. Surprise surprise, CitI will scam you wherever they can.

SO, I signed up for this card because of the companion fare, which I have discovered is a complete scam. Not only does the ticket you’re buying have to be more than $299 before taxes and fees, but ALL of the SIX major airlines have to be at above $299, regardless of layovers. So, if I want to go from Boston to Denver direct on United which is $400, but Continental is offering 2 layovers but for $298 (which incidentally they currently are), then I am completely ineligible for ANY companion fare.

I just wanted to share the way this thing actually works, because I had applied for this card as a replacement for the AMEX platinum (since they recently got rid of the companion program on that card). However, the programs are NOTHING alike, and believe me, none of this is anywhere to be found in the small print (I looked!) BEFORE you apply for the card and pay the $75 annual fee.

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Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2009-01-29

Remarks Sorry to hear about your experience with Citi but I hope others can offer you some advice because I don't have experience with airline miles or flying around the country.
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